BAC Token Infomation

Bowl’A’Coin (BAC)

Bowl A Coin can be rewarded by anyone, anywhere in the world using our APP, website and visit our Alleys for free.

APP reward and Blockchain rewarding through Bowl A Coins website (

People do not need any technical knowledge or degree to get rewarded with our coin, and all coins will be automatically transferred to your APP wallet.

BAC Token utility

Bowl’A’Coin is also creating a completely new BRAND within the bowling industry.

All from creating new bowling machines with high-tech scoring system there allow users to play together worldwide even online to offline game.
That mean you can sit home in your living room and challenge someone who is playing for real in a physical bowling alley.

Our System can also create some of the biggest online and offline bowling tournaments in the world.

The very best part is, ALL users getting rewarded with BAC token on each ended game, you can easily convert your BAC token to fiat money, or simple use your BAC token on our product or in our partner store’s connected to our system.

Our Bowling BRAND will spread like rings in water, our unique bowling machines design have a cost saving on 60% in eclectic and spare parts.
we also provide a scoring system where every single users earn BAC token online and offline, that mean they can go down to what ever bowling alley with our BRAND and use their BAC tokens on product.

Have you ever played Bowling with your friends, and earned money in the same time you have fun???  Well now you can!!!

We also reward each bowling alley connected with our BRAND with BAC token, that reward can only be used to hold internal tournament in that bowling alley, they can then have competition on highest ranking each month or most played games, this way customers can easily find their way to the closed bowling alley connected to our scoring system.

NOT just Bowling

Bowl’A’Coin is not just about bowling, but a global BRAND of advertising and marketing.

We have Created the First advertising program, there make it possible for each user or company to setup advertising online and offline.
After you have created your advertising, you can easily see in the system where and who is connected to our advertising system.

We have 4 Advertising areas:

  1. Online games
    2. Networking site
    3. APP
    4. Cafe, bowling and shops ( offline )

After you have chosen your area, you decide the amount and how many times your ads will be shown on that selected place.
What happen next is, the place you select will get a notification that there is a ads waiting, its now up to that place to approve your ads.
If they approve your ads they will get 60% of your payment.

If you choose games, app and networking site your advertising will be approved directly in the system.
This mean we provide advertising to all users and businesses who connecting to our system, and in the same time they can earn money receiving advertising on their website, game, app, or even Bowling alley, restaurants and more.
All payment to our system can be done with, credit card, Bitcoin, Ethereum and BAC token.

Phone: +63384275026
0178 Benigno Aquino Ave
Philippines, Tagbilaran City 6300