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Games and Virtual reality

All our games on our gaming platform you earn Tokens..  Each tokens have a value in the game you play and can be converted to BAC coin, and submitted to your wallet on request.


Bowl’A’Coin Software

Bowl’A’Coin software is the most important in our business, this software is the one there connect all our users together and creating a community online and in the same time bringing friends and family together in real life.


GLOBAL Advertising

With our Global advertising we have 2 options.  You can choose to earn money on our advertising program or you can advertise on your, app, games, affiliate site or in all business connected to our system.


Bowl’A’Coin Events

Here you can find all our coming EVENTS and also old EVENTS


Affiliate system

You can sign up to our Affiliate system and earn money, building a global network of Bowl’A’Coin costumers. We offer 9 kinds of bonuses you can earn from.



Bowl’A’Coin offer different options for franchising. From fully automated business ready to go, down to the scoring system or our unique designed bowling machine there giving you up to 60% cost savings..

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