Is Bowl'A'Coin only about bowling?

No, Bowl’A’Coin is much more, here is some of the areas we work within.

  • Bowling software, scoring system and bowling machines
  • Online and offline advertising platform
  • Online gaming platform
  • Creating advanced networking website

So be active on our platform can benefit you many ways, as a FIRST ACCESS
(Facebook group )member you will always be invited first in to our newly started networking site.

can we earn money for free?

YES.  Bowl’A’Coin offer many ways you can earn money on, even for free. Just take a look in our Affiliate section.

You can even earn free BAC token playing our online games, and then later convert it in to cash.

how do i join your affliliate system?

The best way is to login to and click affiliate.

There you will find all our many ways to earn money together with Bowl’A’Coin and with our Partners.

What about payment and withdrawal?

Depending in wish affiliate program you have joined, there is options like crypto payment and some countries also have cash out payment.

Do i need KYC in bowl'A'coin?

Depending on what affiliate program you have chosen, you need to KYC with ID prof and a picture where you are holding your ID next to your face.

what do kyc stand for?

KYC stands for ( Know your customers )

And is a requirements in many country, depending on what program you chose in Bowl’A’coin you also need to do a KYC

Bowl’A’Coin Games
do you only have a bowling game?

No. Bowl’A’Coin have more then 1 bowling game, we are working on more games to. Our games will be added as you are growing.

You can also soon try out our new gaming platform where everyone with their own game can connect to.

can we earn money in your games?

Yes. All games there is connected to our gaming platform you can earn money from, you simple just transfer what ever game currency the game use to your online account in and from there depending on the rate on the public exchange you can exchange your IN game currency to our BAC token, and then sell your BAC token to cash.

how do i earn?

Depending on the game you choose you earn on your activity. if you example take our Bowl’A’Coin bowling game, there you getting CHIPS on each played bowling game, those CHIPS you can then move to and convert to cash

virtual reality

Once Bowl’A’Coin if finish updating all their software, platforms and more, we will work on the next version on the bowling game, this will be VR.

And later on again, this will be connected to the REAL TIME bowling scoring system.

BAC Token ( Bowl’A’Coin )
What is the goal with BAC token?

Our Goal with BAC is to create a community within the bowling industry online and real life.
We also want to create a innovated gaming platform there allow users to earn money and use it together with their friend offline, or for other to buy advertising in your advertising program.

How can i earn free bac tokens?

You can earn free BAC token from our games there is connected to our gaming platform, you can also earn passive BAC token in your Booster program in our affiliate marketing system.

how many BAC token is there?

There is 500 million BAC tokens.

From the beginning we sold or airdropped around 5 million BAC tokens.

BAC tokens can now ONLY be earned in your games or in the Booster Plan program.
The rewards system is calculated over the next 20 years, in that time the last BAC token is rewarded from our games.

Where can i buy or sell BAC token?

You can NOT buy BAC token from Bowl’A’Coin company anything, you can now only buying from other members on the public exchangers..

You can Buy and Sell on the public exchange HERE

Bowl’A’Coin SHOP
do you deliver worldwide?

We will do out best to deliver to you, door to door.
Depending on your choice when you are buying, you can see if we deliver in that county or area and you can also see the price before you accept and pay

what is your transport cost?

The cost of transport will be stated for each items you are buying, it depends where you are from, and how much you are buying.

can i return my package if its broken?

If the package is broken when you get it, then do NOT take it from the deliver guy, and do a case on it. we do not take it if you already approve the broken package from the delivery guy.

If the items is broken inside, sure we will replace it with a new items, but the post is on your own cost. depending how its broken.

Bowl’A’Coin Bitcoin Claimer
How do we Earn FREE Bitcoin?

You can Claim free Bitcoin every 5 min.
You can also invite new users and earn referral Bitcoin

My Referral Link is not working..

Bowl’A’Coin is a 100% free APP, where you can claim free bitcoin.
Bowl’A’Coin do NOT take any responsibility for malfunction or if a referral do not sign up correctly or somehow did not get recognized by the system.

We recommend send your Ref link in WhatsAPP or email..
Many times Facebook or messanger is putting a tracking link on your ref code, and that do that your sign up code dont work.

How come Bowl'A'Coin can give free Bitcoin?

Bowl’A’Coin earning money on the ads in the APP and that’s what we share, but we also believe that instead of paying a let of adverting money, its better to share that money with users who share our concept.

Why does the Daily Bitcoin claimer amount change?

Depending on the value of Bitcoin on the public exchange, it will change in the APP…
The claimed Bitcoin you already have on your account will be the same.

The referral rewards will also change time to time..

How can I claim my Bitcoin and when and is there any Fee?

You can claim your BTC when you reach the minimum of 0,01 BTC.
After you reach the limit there will come up a payment request.
There is a fixed FEE for claiming the bitcoin and that is 0,003 BTC

Why is the Fee so high?  we have a high fee , for we also giving much more then other free Bitcoin claimers on the market, the system is setup to give 100% of the earnings from advertising, so that mean once you claim your BTC is when we share the profit from the advertising.

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